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Four Out of Five Americans Are Embracing the Remote Monitoring of Their Health

King of Prussia, PA (June 8, 2021) – MSI International, a leading global strategic market research firm, today issued the results of its “American’s Perceptions of Remote Monitoring in Health” study, which shows a majority of Americans view Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) favorably.

 The study found that 4 out of 5 of Americans are in favor of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), and nearly one-half are very favorable towards incorporating it into medical care.

RPM is a subset of telehealth that uses technology tools to track patient data outside the standard healthcare settings. Being able to observe, report, and analyze patients’ acute or chronic conditions – from home, school, or the office – provides a significant advantage for both providers and patients.

According to the study, the areas of health where Americans are most receptive to allowing physicians to remotely monitor their health are:

  • 70% for blood pressure
  • 68% for heart rate
  • 66% for blood sugar
  • 65% for blood oxygen

There are many benefits to RPM for patients. According to the study, 43% of those surveyed said that greater convenience is a major benefit. In addition, 39% said more efficiency is a benefit, 37% said more control over personal health is a benefit, 36% said more accuracy is a benefit and 36% said peace of mind is a benefit.

When it comes to remote devices, people prefer wearables to implants, with 2/3 of American adults preferring to wear remote health monitoring devices. Among those preferring wearables, 38% would switch to implant if the accuracy of remote monitoring increased.

In addition, 17% of American adults prefer implants. Those age 18-34 (27%) and with HH Income $100K or higher (28%) are most likely to prefer implants.

“We knew that remote patient monitoring was growing, and the COVID-19 pandemic really jump started the remote monitoring of health,” said Paul Strasser, President of MSI International. “For remote and implant device manufacturers, this study reinforces how there’s an opportunity for further growth in this arena.  However, the data also shows that there is a need to educate consumers on the security and reliability of these devices.”

Below are additional key highlights from MSI’s survey:

  • Who are those that are most favorable towards remote health monitoring:
  • 88% among those who had health care performed remotely in the past 12 months
  • 85% among those age 18-34
  • 84% among households with income above was $50k
  • Mentions of potential benefits associated with remote devices were generally similar regardless of device type. Those preferring wearables, however, were somewhat more likely to mention convenience, control over personal health care and less time as potential benefits.
  • What were people’s overall perceived concerns?
  • Nearly half are concerned about accuracy of monitoring, complications caused by the device, reliability of the device and higher cost of care.
  • Those preferring wearables are more likely to have concerns with remote monitoring devices.
  • Those preferring implants are less likely to be concerned about accuracy, complications, reliability and maintenance.
  • Those preferring implants are slightly more likely to worry about lower quality of care.

The survey of 300 Americans adults was conducted in May 2021, and asked questions about their willingness to have their health monitored remotely, and their preferences of whether it’s a wearable or implanted device. The MSI team also asked which health indicators they would allow their physicians to monitor, and perceived benefits of remote monitoring devices.

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