Superbowl_TV_CommercialBased on a light traffic commute to work and an abundance of parking spaces available in the office park, a feeling permeated that Super Bowl 2013 had been widely viewed. Based on one’s gut, this is a logical conclusion since the day which follows Super Bowl Sunday is the single most called out sick day of the year by workers. In fact, a petition has been sent to the attention of the Federal Government to consider letting hundreds of thousands of Super Bowl viewers take the following Monday off.

As marketing research professionals, one yearns for more tangible evidence. To meet that end, old school secondary research was attainable in the form of TV viewership data. Would U.S. ratings for Super Bowl 2013 be larger than classic finales such as MASH, Dallas (aka Who Shot J.R.) or Cheers? Could Super Bowl 2013 surpass other highly rated Super Bowls or sports events like the Olympics? Is it possible that more people watched Super Bowl 2013 than Michael Jackson talking to Oprah, Gone with the Wind, Roots or even the Bob Hope Christmas Special? Super Bowl 2013 might be big but could it be larger than the aforementioned events?

According to the Nielsen Ratings, Super Bowl 2013 set a record on viewership. To repeat, the 2013 Super Bowl viewership ratings came in higher in the US than any other program in the past. The game came in at 47.9 rating and a 71 share in selected measurements of large cities, which basically translates into the 2013 Super Bowl as being the most watched television event in U.S. history. In other words, the 71 share equates to 71% of households watching the Super Bowl. Moreover, an even greater number of people potentially viewed ads than had been anticipated.

Given innate curiosity, along with a desire to compare to the rest of the US, a group at MSI International partaking in the newly formed Beer Bloggles  decided to pose a big question to the public as well as to MSI employees:

  • Which brand had the best commercial during Super Bowl 2013?

Keeping in mind that the average 30 second spot ran approximately $4,000,000 there is much at stake. Will the public favor an ad where older people maintain their youthfulness thanks to a steady diet of Taco Bell? Will MSI International employees prefer an ad where sexy meets smart leading to an outcome of sizzle and fireworks?

The verdict is in. According to our non-scientific poll, the top 3 brands as voted by the general public and MSI International employees were the same:

1)    Doritos

2)    Budweiser

3)    Samsung

One might conclude that while the game was occurring, the general public and MSI International employees were on smart phones, drinking beer and eating chips. Add in chicken wings and there may be a consensus.

Even more illuminating is that the Go Daddy spot where an attractive model and “smart guy” shared a long lasting kiss, which seemed to go on forever, came in fourth amongst MSI International employees. Yet, the Go Daddy commercial did not rank among the general public. Given that salty discovery, Beer Bloggles will take advantage of poetic license deferring conclusions on that finding to the readers’ imagination. That being said, the Go Daddy finding did confirm something Beer Bloggles had believed…MSI International employees are different.