Inaugural Podcast

For our inaugural episode of the “MSI Insights That Matter Podcast Series,” Paul Strasser, President of MSI International, discusses the overall MSI story, the value of research for business outcomes, emerging life sciences innovations, and more.

MSI International started 33 years ago, and has grown into a highly consultative firm that focuses solely on providing market research that drives strategic insights for business growth.

Much of this comes in the form of driving insights for positioning, branding, pricing, as well as product and benefit optimization for the firm’s clients. MSI International also has a tremendous amount of experience in the life sciences sector, and is on the cutting-edge of new trends.

These include remote sensors for implants that enhance patient outcomes, robotics in the surgical environment, and remote patient monitoring to improve virtual patient consultations.

As this sector rapidly evolves, market research will play a major role in developing the right pricing and messaging, as well as optimizing benefits for specific audiences to enhance competitive and strategic differentiation for companies in the space.

Following are highlights from this interview:

  • About Paul’s background and the history of MSI International. (:42)
  • MSI’s approach to providing research that enhances business success for clients. (1:25)
  • How the life sciences arena is evolving in rapid ways. (2:11)
  • Why market research is important for life sciences companies. (3:38)
  • What the future holds overall for the life sciences sector, and MSI’s role. (6:01)

Stay tuned for future episodes of the “MSI Insights That Matter Podcast Series,” where we will be speaking with life sciences and healthcare leaders in the coming weeks.  

In the meantime, MSI offers comprehensive market research solutions that can pave the way for future success. Please contact us here to learn