In the following “MSI Insights That Matter Podcast Series” interview, Mike Highberger, Senior Vice President at MSI International, provides a deep dive perspective into how the right market research strategies can enhance growth opportunities for manufacturers in the robotic and digital surgery arena.

Since its first use in 1997, robotic-assisted surgeries have become more common for minimally invasive surgeries, and the trend is continuing now for more complex procedures.

The marketplace for this sector is also poised to grow to $19.03 billion in 2027 – pointing to the need for the right market research solution for that can drive product development and market penetration for manufacturers in this arena.

With the rise of new surgical applications, there are also new data collection capabilities – driven by AI – that are truly transforming this sector. However, with heavy research and developments being made today, market research can help with  developing everything from pricing, training, marketing, and customer support to understanding the needs of caregivers and other constituents.

In addition to understanding the audience needs, geography is also a critical element. For example, urban hospitals tend to have the ability to make larger investments in robotic surgery capabilities. Conversely, rural hospitals tend to have less budget for these innovations, yet have a strong need for robotic surgery to help with medical staffing shortages.

Following are key highlights from this podcast interview:

  • A high-level overview in the rise of robotic-assisted surgeries today. (:55)
  • Insights into emerging robotic surgery applications that are AI-driven. (2:00)
  • With heavy R&D happening today, manufacturers need to gain the right insights about constituent needs (3:16)
  • The recommended market research strategies for robotic systems manufacturers. (5:15)
  • Insights into the needs and opportunities with rural and urban hospitals. (7:07)

For robotic systems manufacturers looking to expand product development and market penetration, MSI offers comprehensive market research solutions that drive true business outcomes. Please contact us here to learn more.