Getting to know Savanta MSI starts with the same question we asked ourselves:
“There’s got to be a better way to do market research, right?

Through creativity, tenacity and innovation, we took this idea to heart and have evolved into a global strategic marketing partner for Fortune 100 companies around the world.

Fast forward, and our history of innovation continues. But we’re also smart enough to know that not all innovation comes in the form of technology (although it does help). Sometimes innovation is as simple as how we ask our questions. We know that asking the right questions, combined with unique approaches to analysis, provides our clients with the insight that they need to make them more competitive. And in today’s ever-changing world, unique approaches to business challenges have never been more important.

While innovation is at the core of our business, our true expertise lies in our ability to partner with companies to address real strategic business issues and provide customized marketing insights that out-perform typical “off-the-shelf” offerings from even the world’s largest research firms. To us, research is not just about crunching the facts and figures as they relate to people. Research is about getting to the heart of what makes them tick. Who influences them? What do they believe in? What do they crave? Why do people choose a brand or product? Where do the opportunities lie?

Fueled by an insatiable curiosity, asking the right questions and our ability to focus on our client’s specific business challenges, we provide the right strategic insight. Insight you can trust to make better decisions and achieve your business goals.

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