In the following “MSI Insights That Matter Podcast Series” interview, Mike Highberger, Senior Vice President at MSI International; and Brian Ebarvia, Director, Research Management at MSI International, analyze the outcomes of the recent MSI Medical Care Delay Study.

MSI International recently issued its Medical Care Delay Study showing the long-term impacts for patients with conditions other than COVID-19 – with the big headline being that more than half of all patients in the U.S. either delayed or had their healthcare postponed by providers.

However, there’s much more to this study, which also highlighted the impact of the delayed care on providers, how telemedicine is working, and why vaccine distribution will be critical for the U.S. care arena – and the nation at large – to return to normal in 2021.

Following are highlights from this podcast interview:

  • Insights into when the study was fielded, responses, demographics, and more. (1:04)
  • How 54% of Americans delayed their care or had their care postponed, as a result of COVID-19. (2:20)
  • What this delay in care means to patients and care providers. (3:44)
  • The negative care impacts as a result of the delays. (5:20)
  • How the long-term effects of delayed care may not be fully realized. (5:51)
  • How telemedicine was critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. (7:24)
  • How patients plan on returning to their normal care routines in 2-3 months. (9:10)
  • How this translates into an expected return to normalcy. (10:41)
  • How 54% of Americans believe that vaccines are necessary to proceed with medical care. (12:05).

To access the full MSI Medical Delay Study, please click here.