At Savanta MSI, we believe that real insight comes not solely from data, but from the people who gather, absorb, analyze and, frankly, obsess about it. We’re a culture based on strategic thinking, combined with a tenacious approach to tackling data to get the right insights. Our people find the hidden connections and telling differences that lead to true insight into how purchase decisions are made and where new opportunities exist.

We’d like to get acquainted. Meet the people of Savanta MSI to find out what makes us tick. Click on the info below, and if you see something in our backgrounds that strikes a chord, contact us directly.

Paul Strasser,
Paul Strasser,President

engagements with multinational clients Paul’s expertise is deeply rooted in high-tech products, automotive and packaged goods. He has a finely tuned branding sense and is well grounded in high-level marketing strategy.

In his earlier career, after earning a bachelor of science degree in sociology from Penn State and pursuing graduate studies in sociology and econometrics at Indiana University, Paul worked as president of marketing research for the Weightman Group (formerly Philadelphia’s largest ad agency) and also held various positions with Booz Allen Hamilton, M/A/R/C and Brown & Williamson Tobacco.

“In many ways, our industry is still doing the same things it did when I began my career. Many outdated research techniques and practices from that era still exist. In order to achieve true insight, we need to take advantage of the technologies and innovations available today for both data-gathering and analysis.”

In his spare time, Paul loves to unwind from a day of marketing research by grabbing one of his guitars and playing for an hour in the evening.

Hugh Jeffers,
Hugh Jeffers,CEO/EVP

and providing a high level of strategic oversight. His specialties include: brand strategy and loyalty, brand health tracking, market segmentation, new product development, pricing and messaging optimization across consumer and B2B audiences.

Hugh started his career in marketing research with Chilton Research Services upon graduation from St. Joseph’s University.  He was also a vice president with the ICR Survey Research Group before joining Paul.

“From time to time, I’m asked what keeps me up at night. To me, the biggest issue facing our industry has to do with sampling, specifically, how we can continue to generate representative and consistent samples in the face of eroding panel quality and plummeting telephone response rates. I sense that in many cases, researchers are focusing so heavily on new tech advances (agile research, etc.), that they are losing sight of the importance of a high-quality sample.”

Hugh is a weekend carpenter and woodworker. Recent projects include a pergola, fire table and a mahogany storm door.

Susan O. Chiolo,
Susan O. Chiolo,Senior Vice President

CPG products and services, nurturing long-term, successful client relationships.

Susan earned her bachelor’s degree from Temple University and continued with additional coursework at St. Joseph’s University. She began her career in marketing research at the National Analysts’ division of Booz Allen Hamilton. She went on to the Weightman Group, formerly Philadelphia’s largest advertising agency. In that capacity, Susan’s experience focused primarily on consumer packaged goods, including everything from new product introductions to advertising testing and brand tracking.

“While advanced methodologies are great, you need to use these tools with the simple understanding that a person is the true source of the information. All of our research is designed with this in mind, allowing us to provide more actionable results to clients.”

Susan’s home was once featured on a national home remodeling TV show, and she thrives (dare we say obsesses) over accuracy in all the work that she does.

Partha Dass,
Partha Dass,Vice President, Director of Marketing Science

segmentation, multivariate mapping and trade-off techniques applied to messaging, pricing, feature optimization, etc. Currently, Partha heads the Marketing Sciences group at Savanta MSI. He and his team oversee all marketing science and statistical consulting activities at our firm. Partha consults with clients from various sectors such as finance, automotive, technology, telecom, healthcare and CPG. He has been with MSI since 2012 and has over 20 years of experience in the marketing research industry. Prior to Savanta MSI, Partha received his bachelor of science degree in mathematics from Minnesota State University Moorhead and his Master of Science degree in statistics from North Dakota State University. He began his career as a sampling statistician and developed expertise in all matters relating to the development of representative samples and data weighting. Partha was Vice President, Marketing Sciences for TNS prior to joining Savanta MSI.

“In the world of marketing science, we sometimes get carried away with fancy solutions, but often the answers can be uncovered with simple techniques. Success lies in comprehending client needs and objectives rather than providing a canned solution.”

Partha enjoys going for a run, but his love is to go hiking, camping and bike riding with his family when possible.

Mike Highberger,
Mike Highberger,Senior Vice President

team of strong researchers, Mike has a particular talent for creative study design, flawless execution and insightful storytelling that connects the dots for his clients.

Throughout his career, Mike has gained expertise in a multitude of industry sectors, with a particular focus on consumer packaged goods, financial services, healthcare and technology. He has investigated a plethora of audiences from consumers to small business owners and from surgeons to IT professionals and beyond.  Given that the bulk of Mike’s work is strategic, he is well versed in a number of advanced statistical analytic techniques and is relentless when challenged with solving any problem.

Mike earned his bachelor of arts degree in economics from Dickinson College and his MBA from Drexel University. He has worked at a number of marketing research companies in a variety of managerial positions, however, his professional passion is and always has been conducting the research.

“Fierce competition, changing markets and new technologies place increasing demands on us to provide better insights. But what does that mean? To me, it means framing every phase of our research–from design through analysis and storytelling–in the context of one question: ‘How will this impact my client’s business?’

Mike loves sports–whether participating or observing, sports are his therapy and his escape. But his greatest passion? Spending time with his family.