Business Impact Tracking

Faced with constantly evolving and highly competitive marketplaces, businesses are under more pressure than ever to continually monitor brand positioning versus the competition and the effectiveness of brand and campaign strategies. To be of utmost value, Business Impact Tracking systems must sensitively identify emerging market trends, events and conditions in real time, thereby allowing the business to quickly apply the most appropriate strategies. Moreover, the cluttered and fractured nature of today’s media landscape demands that businesses deploy tailored, flexible media strategies to deliver brand messaging in the most effective, efficient manner.

Savanta MSI has developed several methods to help businesses monitor the aspects of a brand that truly impact the bottom line.

  • Brand Health Tracking – Leveraging the learning from Brand Engagement Research, Savanta MSI crafts domestic and global Brand Health Tracking Programs that monitor brand performance/positioning on the rational and emotional drivers of brand equity. Our tracking methodologies ensure a reliable, consistent and sustainable sampling of target consumers. Continuous data collection and real-time reporting capabilities allow us to immediately detect emerging trends and to do deep dives into causes and implications. Our Brand Health Trackers are not merely a means of populating a scorecard, but an effective, strategic tool.
  • Ad Campaign Performance ROI – Savanta MSI has developed an approach to measuring ad campaign performance that allows the marketer to make real-time adjustments to media spend based on the channels that are most effectively reaching the target consumer and providing the highest ROI.  Our approach is fueled by a continuous interviewing methodology that identifies the extent to which consumers have been reached by the campaign and subsequent impact on brand health and behavioral metrics.
  • Brand Loyalty Tracking – Our Loyalty Tracking Programs measure and track clients’ and competitors’ brands performance on the rational and emotional aspects of brand engagement that drive brand loyalty. First, for each key brand, this methodology uses hierarchical models to identify the outcome metric that is most closely tied with loyalty, as well as the submetrics or factors that drive the outcome metric. Periodic waves of the study are conducted to track each brand’s overall loyalty score as well as performance on the metrics that drive loyalty.