Brand Engagement

At the end of the day, one of the most important things we can do is maximize engagement with our brand or brands. And that brand engagement can be leveraged with traditional advertising, digital touch points, messaging, word of mouth and a whole host of other opportunities. However, the key question is how do we leverage brand engagement?

At Savanta MSI, we’ve developed an approach to brand engagement that we refer to as Think, Feel and Act. This simple philosophy allows us to look at a consumer’s rational and emotional attachment to a brand.  When we are aligned with the wants and needs of our audiences, they act positively towards our brand. This could include purchase, repurchase or brand evangelists.

Savanta MSI has developed a series of approaches to help you leverage your brand equity.

  • Brand Driver Analysis – By examining the brand perception of you and your competition, we are able to identify the major components that drive behavior–both rational and emotional–and help you figure out which levers to pull and what you can expect in return.
  • Brand Positioning – Simply understanding the levers in most categories is not enough. Our experience is that levers can vary for the category as a whole relative to the opportunities for specific brands within a category. Therefore, it’s important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your brand image relative to the competition. While a given brand may have a strong lever to pull, one needs to consider how difficult it is to pull that lever–who else in the category owns that lever?
  • Brand Engagement Opportunities – Ultimately, all of our focus on brand brings us to the brand strategy. Which levers do we pull, can we own that aspect of brand equity in a category, are their opportunities for flanker brands? In the end, we need to identify a strategy that is leverageable and ownable and will result in a positive return on our brand investment.